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Sacrificing Lives For Nation

Taking Care of The Family of

Heroes That Are Taking Care of Our Country

शहिद सैनिक परिवार, सैनिकसेवा, देशसेवा, शांतता यासाठी ताकदीने काम करणारी स्वयंसेवी संस्था Jaihind Foundation is a Non-Government Organization formed by a patriotic group of people and ex-servicemens, putting the thought of patriotism in national construction and to raise the morale of the soldiers from time to time, such as taking out Tiranga Yatra with the youth or any other activity.

What do we do at Jaihind Foundation?

  • We spread awareness and respect towards the duty of soldiers towards the nation.

  • We provide financial assistance to martyr's families.

  • We give confidence of support to the family of the martyrs.

  • We help the children of Martyrs to adopt good education and lifestyle.

  • We spread the history of victory by the martyrs of the current year through monthly, quarterly and annual booklets.

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